Fortunately there are many ways to improve the voice. At the DEUTSCHE STIMMKLINIK patients will receive individual, high quality voice assessment and diagnostics as a basis for decision-making for individual voice coaching, voice rehabilitation, or voice therapy. Within voice problems, we always assess the larynx with its vocal folds, phonation, breathing, posture, and voice imaging with state of art examination techniques. Our ambulatory multidisciplinary assessment may lead to recommendations such as vocal hygiene, logopedic voice therapy, osteopathy, all the way up to phonosurgery, if needed. As a rule of thumb, we always consider surgery being at the end of a conservative therapeutical measures.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of medical doctors trained in ENT as well as phoniatrics, phonosurgery, osteopathy, logopedics, singing pedagogy, speech coaches and encompassing all current voice therapy techniques. If there still is a problem that cannot be solved by our team, we will take advantage of our very active network to find the best solution for any problem related to voice. Connecting to our academic and clinical networking in national and international societies (e.g. BDG, CoMeT, DBL, DGPP, DGHNO, EAV, ELS, IALP, IAP, PEVOC, UEP and many more) as well as health professionals we are able to find solutions for almost every patient with a voice problem.

Prof. Markus M. Hess in the operating room


If any kind of phonosurgical procedure is advisable, we reassure you that you are in best hands at our voice clinic. Our institution offers all phonosurgery techniques. Not only that we perform highest quality vocal fold surgery in all aspects, but furthermore and since many years we train and teach phonosurgeons how to employ latest surgical techniques for their patients. Prof. Hess is one of the leading phonosurgeons worldwide and belongs to Europe’s top phonosurgeons. He has more than 25 years of experience and performs on a regular basis phonomicrosurgery, injection laryngoplasties (=augmentation), laryngeal framework surgery (mostly thyroplasty), and office based interventions. Cutting edge technology including many kinds of lasers (CO2, diode, KTP, blue angiolytics lasers) are used for the benefit of our patients.

Prof. Hess invented many surgical techniques, introduced new phonosurgical instruments, teaches internationally at surgical conferences, advises academic societies, ENT colleagues, hospitals, insurance companies, offers second opinions, and his patients certainly benefit indirectly from medical doctoral students researching on the problems that are still prominent in laryngology.

  • Indications for phonosurgery
    Phonosurgery at the DEUTSCHE STIMMKLINIK is offered as ambulatory service …
  • Phonomicrosurgery in general anesthesia
    With the finest instruments for phonosurgical procedures we perform our operations under 25fold magnification with Zeiss microscopes and top notch rigid endoscopes …
  • Office-based phonosurgery
    Although office-based surgery is more than 100 years old, refinements took place within the last years due to much better endoscopes …
  • Laser surgery
    Lasers are tools helping a surgeon to cut, coagulate, and excise tissues. When chosen prudently and for the appropriate problem, laser surgery can be superior to so called ‚cold instrument’ surgery …
  • Augmentation of vocal folds
    The augmentation of vocal folds is one of our core competences in laryngeal surgery. Having performed hundreds and hundreds of procedures in the office and in general anesthesia with all major implants …
  • Thyroplasty (laryngeal framework surgery)
    In cases where augmentations cannot help appropriately, thyroplasties are the preferred choice. A small bean-sized silicone part is implanted …
  • Botulinum toxin injektion
    Botulinum toxin is injected into muscles and leads to temporary muscle relaxation …
  • Transgender
    Clients and patients seeking help in transgender issues approach our services for many years …