Research and teaching


The DEUTSCHE STIMMKLINIK is at the cutting edge of innovative research as well as clinical trials in laryngology. Our research and clinical efforts resulted in various improvements for patients. This is based on multidisciplinary cooperation and collaboration. The sprectrum of our collaborations comprises a significant number of different disciplines, including clinical laryngology, laser medicine, electrophysiology, anesthesiology, aerodynamics, tissue engineering, acoustics, musicology and radiology.

Further projects

  • Blue lasers in laryngology (multi-institutional)
  • Laryngeal pacemakers for unilateral vocal fold paralysis (multi-institutional)
  • String arytenoid adduction (innovative surgical techniques)
  • Improving 3-D shapes of thyroplasty implants (multi-institutional)
  • New fillers for vocal fold augmentation (multi-institutional)
  • Subvocalisation effects on the larynx (multi-institutional)
  • Visco-elastic properties of the vocal folds (multi-institutional)

Prizes and awards

Urkunde für die exzellente Publikation
Award of the Norddeutsche Gesellschaft für Otorhinolaryngologie und zervikofaziale Chirurgie for the excellent research publication (report in the Ärzteblatt). Author: Nils Abrams. Title of publication: Einfluss der Taschenfaltenform und des Morgagni Ventrikels auf den laryngealen Widerstand bei beidseitiger Stimmlippenlähmung in einem vereinfachtem Larynxmodell.

Urkunde für den besten Fachbeitrag
Award of the Voice Foundation for the best article in the Journal of Voice in the area Basic Science for the year 2013. Authors: Johan Sundberg, Ronald Scherer, Markus Hess, Frank Müller, Svante Granqvist. Title of the article: Subglottal Pressure Oscillations Accompanying Phonation.

Urkunde für das beste Konferenzposter
Award of PEVOC organizing team for the best conference poster in the year 2013. Authors: M.D. Hildebrandt, F. Müller, M. Hess, U. Schumacher, K. Franjic, R. Reimer, W. Wöllmer, K. Püschel, R.J.D. Miller. Title of the poster: First PIRL (Picosecond-Infrared-Laser) Ablation Results at Human Vocal Folds.