image of laser surgery

Figure 1: In-office transnasal laser surgery. KTP laser fibre is routed through instrument channel. Patient and surgeon wear protective glasses.

image of bent cannula

Figure 2: Bent cannula for routing KTP laser glass fibre into the larynx in indirect transoral laser surgery.

image of transnasal lasering

Figure 3: Transnasal fibreoscopy and lasering of papilloma (a) with KTP laser at anterior commissure, (b, c) with KTP laser at left vocal fold, (d) with diode laser at left anterior vocal fold.

image of broken and good fibre

Figure 4: (a) Tip of fibre broken. Scattered pilot light beam. (b) Tip of fibre after adequate cutting. Pilot light beam is now rounded and ready for use.

image of spectral sensitivity

Figure 5: KTP pulses on spectrally coloured paper (with hand piece, equal distances between pulse applications on paper along the spectrum, each pulse with 8 W, 100 ms duty cycle). Notice that yellow colour does not pick up energy, green only a little bit. Red and blue areas are carbonised.

image of laser impact on egg white and blood

Figure 6: Blood strands within egg white in a glass test tube. KTP laser travels through glass test tube and egg white. All energy absorbed at blood, which coagulates immediately.